Main Speaker

Pastor Miki Hardy

Who can take part?

Anyone between 15 and 25. If you were born between 1998 and 2008 (inclusive), this camp is for you! Don’t miss out on a blessed time of fun activities!

Camp fees

Early Bird rate: Rs 4,500 if you register before 3 December!
Standard rate: Rs 4,800 to be paid no later than 17 December 2023.

How do I register?

4 steps to follow



Conditions for Participation

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. They contain everything you need to know.

Conditions for Participation



Parental Consent Form

Parents of under 18’s must print and complete the Parental Consent Form below and send a photo via WhatsApp to their regional youth coordinator.

Parental Consent Form



Registration Form

Register for the camp here

Registration Form




Please make your payment as instructed in the Conditions for Participation.


If you need assistance please contact your local church youth coordinator.