United through the message of the cross and the work of God in their lives

Church Team Ministries International is a Christian organisation, established in 2001 by Pastor Miki Hardy, his wife, Audrey, and a team of leaders from a variety of countries, united through the message of the cross and subsequent work of God in their lives.

The vision of CTMI is to equip and strengthen leaders and churches in Africa and beyond through the apostolic message of the cross. To achieve this, CTMI organises conferences and other events, broadcasts sermons and talks on television, radio, internet, and other media platforms, in Africa and other parts of the world.

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“The only solution for the Church is to come back to the teachings of Jesus and the early apostles!”

Outcome : Pastors' and Leaders' lives and ministries restored

Now is the time

“Are we concerned by the state of the Church today? Is the spiritual growth of God’s people important to us? Do we want to build in line with what the early apostles taught?
Our BUILD conferences are aimed at equipping pastors and leaders to serve Jesus more effectively in truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is seeking those who are ready to work together with Him to build the Church of Jesus Christ in the last days. “


The message of the cross

“For the message of the cross...is the power of God“

The message of the cross is what the Church needs in order to grow and become equipped to face the difficult times that are ahead. This message is none other than an identification with the sufferings and death of Jesus in our everyday lives. The Lord is calling us to take up our cross and to follow Him, to put to death our carnal nature so that He might increasingly live in and through us.

When the elders from CTMI first embraced the message of the cross, they experienced many miracles within their ministries and families. They began to see God’s people thrive and be at peace with one another.

No other message can truly unite Christians and bring them to maturity.
This same message has persuaded many men of God from different nations and backgrounds to lay down their lives for one another and to work together to build the Church of Jesus Christ.

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